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How Does A Neuro-Structural Shift Happen?

How Does A Neuro-Structural Shift Happen

A Neuro-Structural Shift or NS shift occurs during stress. Stress comes in three different forms, physical, chemical, and emotional. When these stressors are too much for your spine and nervous system, the spine adopts a NS shift as a compensation.

This can happen to anyone, at any age, even in unborn children in the womb. The sooner we can check and correct an NS shift, the better the life of that person will be because of less obstruction of their Master System, the brain and nervous system.

One of the most stressful events we each go through is birth! The birthing process is extremely stressful for newborns. During a vaginal birth, the baby is pushed out and comes through a small opening that compresses the child’s body. If instead we have a cesarean section, then the child is pulled by the head and neck and lifted with a force approaching 80 LBS! Those are just a couple examples of the birthing process alone!

Then there’s learning to move, crawling, walking, sitting, running, jumping, sports etc.  Have you seen the videos of kids falling? They are chiropractic commercials! LOL. Plus, now we have technology that is stressing us like never before. 

An example of chemical stress is eating and drinking poorly. If we eat low quality food with toxic artificial chemicals, and toxic ingredients, then our body becomes inflamed and weak which causes our joints and muscles to be weaker and shift much easier, and don’t hold adjustments as well.

An example of emotional stress can be when you have a bad day at work, or get a flat tire and have to change it in the rain, or when some issue that’s sitting on your chest unresolved causes you to get angry or emotional. This anger can make you clench your fists, hold your breath, and squeeze your shoulders into your years causing the muscles in your back and neck to spasm causing your spine to shift and lock. 

Living life is stressful! The best thing we can do is check and adjust when necessary on a regular basis and as soon as anything stressful happens in your life.



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