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How strong is your neuro-structural foundation?

A Neuro-Structural (NS) shift consists of two anatomical components. The first is the biomechanical component, which is made up of the structural spinal vertebrae. These are the 24 moveable bones, and discs in between, that make up your spine. The other is a neurological component, made up of the spinal cord and delicate nerves, which are the wires that carry vital nutrients, information, and energy, throughout the brain and body. When these two components are measured to be outside of their normal range, and happen at the same time, we have what is called a NS shift.

At Platinum Chiropractic we focus on your Neuro-Structural foundation because of how it affects the overall health of your body. Our goal is to help correct these shifts in order to optimize how well your body can function and heal itself naturally. We know everyone has an incredible healing potential within them, that can be reduced, restricted, or disconnected when these shifts are present. This reduction, restriction, and or disconnection of your Neuro-Structure leads to damage, pain, and reduced health and dis-coordination, which often times leads to disease.

We had a patient recently who wanted relief from their lower back and leg pain. They also had a history of a weekly migraine headache that kept them from being able to work at their best when it struck, and caused them to take off work. They were taking pain medication, migraine meds, and on anti-depressant meds because of how this was affecting their life. What they were looking for was relief from the lower back pain so they could delay their lumbar fusion surgery. Long story short, we analyzed them for Neuro-Structural shifts, and put together a care plan to correct them. After only 12 weeks of care this person remarked that they no longer experienced weekly migraines and didn’t even remember having one since they started care. Shortly after that, their lower back became pain free. The chronic symptoms they were just living with are now gone…. they got their life back.

Remember, a structural problem requires a structural solution. More often than not, a person’s structure affects more than they think and this can be resolved without the use of chemical medications, or permanent surgery.

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