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Safer, Cleaner Air for You!

Safer,Cleaner Air for You

You may have noticed a new addition to the practice… an addition that makes Platinum Chiropractic an even cleaner and safer space.

The Molekule air purifier.

Our new air purifier is technologically above and beyond so you can feel better about the environment. 

“One of the most important features of Molekule Air Pro is the PECO catalyst coated onto the filter. When activated, the catalyst can destroy organic material like VOCs or infectious microbes like viruses and bacteria. Given that viral infection is on a lot of people’s minds these days, the air quality experts at Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories (ARE) devised a way to test Air Pro’s ability to decrease virus particles in the air.” 

For more on how our new Molekule air purifier removes viruses and bacteria from the air, click here.

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