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“I had a one month long headache & had no idea what was wrong…[Dr. Karo] fixed the problem & educated me on the central nervous system. I still remember the release in my upper head & how happy I was.”

Testimonial Time

Many patients come to us with headaches, numbness, bodily aching and pain. Oftentimes, they have been living with it for so long, leading to more medical care, drugs and surgery.

Imagine how much someone’s quality of life could improve had they known that aging does not mean chronic dis-ease or that a fully functioning nervous system could bring them back to health. A few months of Neuro-Structural Corrective chiropractic could decrease the frequency and intensity of many secondary conditions (symptoms) dramatically.

We are grateful for YOU, the members of the PlatinumFamily. It is our mission here at Platinum Chiropractic To help our community live healthy and vibrant lives by sharing our drug free and surgery free health solutions.

Thank you for referring your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and people you meet that you feel can benefit from what we do. Their lives are better because of you!

“I’m 32 years old and for most of my life, I was suspect of chiropractors. The handful of times I had consultations, it felt like a sweatshop or a used car salesperson experience. Dr. Karo completely changed my education of the practice and the importance of it for my central nervous system. It started with my wife who has had hip and back problems most of her life. After seeing Dr. Karo for a couple of months, she saw massive improvement.

Then as I turned 32, I had a one month long headache and had no idea what was wrong. My wife advised me to see Dr. Karo, and in the first consultation he fixed the problem and educated me on the central nervous system. I still remember the release in my upper head and how happy I was. We just recently had a son and now he sees Dr. Karo more than me! LOL! I feel lucky that Dr. Karo works on my boy (first kid). Like any trade or service you experience in life, there are 10% of people that are truly excellent. Their work goes beyond a paycheck as it means more. Dr. Karo is one of those excellent people and I would 100% recommend him.”

– Danny Peavey

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