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What Causes a Neuro-Structural Shift?

What causes a neuro-structural shift?

What causes a neuro-structural shift? The short answer. STRESS!

Stress comes in three different forms:

  • Physical (slips, falls, car accidents, computer time, repetitive movement)
  • Chemical (sugar, fast food, alcohol, medications) 
  • Emotional (work, school, relationships, seasonal holidays)

When these stressors are too much for your body, your spine and nervous system compensate by shifting, creating a Neuro-Structural (NS) Shift.

Here in the practice, our primary focus is correcting the NS Shifts with specific adjustments. Neuro-Structural adjustments restore proper alignment and spine motion, reducing the pressure of the nerves, discs, and muscles. This helps break the vicious cycle of stress and allows your body to restore to a more normal physiological state,  known as homeostasis. 

What can you do to change your day-to-day life to reduce these stresses?

  • Drinking pure or filtered water 2 to 3 liters?
  • Adding morning and evening meditation/ stretching
  • Taking breaks every 30 min to stand up for a moment and move?
  • Eating fruit instead of processed food?

Let us know how you prioritize your health & reduce stress during your visit this week.

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