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Emotional Stress


As we have been talking about the last few weeks, Neuro-Structural shifts in your spine result from your body’s inability to adapt to stress. And those stressors come in three forms: ChemicalPhysical, and Emotional. This week we are talking about Emotional Stress.

You can check out the chart above for some examples of Emotional stressors, but I am sure you can think of more on your own. Emotional stress can impact our bodies in two main ways.
  1. We often have physical responses to emotional stress. For example, if we are angry, we might clench our jaws, hold our breath, and squeeze our shoulders up to our ears. We physically express our emotions, and when it’s too much, our spine and nervous system take the brunt. 
  2.  Then there is the mental game. Thinking negative thoughts, feeling bad, and negative self-talk all contribute to an unhealthy physical state and lead to stress on the nervous system. Effects of this include disruption of our normal body functions, hormone production, and even dis-ease. 
We have all experienced:
  • a stomach ache when we are worried about a test, 
  • nausea when anxious about speaking in public, 
  • feeling faint when we have made a BIG mistake, 
  • or neck pain when we get stressed at work. 
We can only feel 10% of our bodily functions, so imagine how your body responds to constant emotional stressors over time.
Now, what can you do to reduce your Emotional Stress or learn how to handle it better?
  • Get Checked & Adjusted for Neuro-Structural Shifts Regularly
  • Take Breaks 
  • Moving Your Body
  • Focus On What You Can Control
  • Spend Time with Friends or Family
  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Healthy Diet
  • Get Enough Sleep

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