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What is a Neuro-Structural Shift?

Two weeks ago, we talked in-depth about exactly what Neuro-Structural Correction is. If you missed it, you can check it out on our blog here. This week, we will elaborate on what a Neuro-Structural Shift is, how it leads to dis-ease, and how it impacts you and your ability to live life to the fullest.

A Neuro-Structural (NS) shift consists of two anatomical components.

The first is the biomechanical component, made up of your structural spinal vertebrae. These are bones that protect and surround your brain, and spinal cord, the 24 moveable bones, and discs in between that make up your spine.

The other component is neurological, made up of your spinal cord and delicate nerves, which are the wires that carry vital nutrients, information, and energy, throughout your brain and body.

When these two components measure outside of their normal range, we call that a Neuro-Structural shift. Amazingly enough, we only feel 10-15% of our body. This means we can’t only trust pain or what we feel. We need to use objective testing. In fact, 85-90% of our body’s function and health can’t be felt or controlled consciously. It’s only when we lose 40% of our nerve function that we feel something or have a symptom. Yes, 40% is already lost before we have a sign! This is why it’s so important to keep your nervous system at its best.

Here at Platinum Chiropractic, we focus on your Neuro-Structure because of how it impacts the overall health of your body. Our goal is to help correct these shifts to optimize how well your body can function and heal itself naturally. We know everyone has an incredible healing potential within them that can get reduced, restricted, or disconnected when these shifts are present. This reduction, restriction, and disconnection of your Neuro-Structure leads to damage, pain, symptoms, and reduced health and dis-coordination, which often leads to disease.

For example, we had a patient who wanted relief from their lower back and leg pain. They also had a history of headaches, diabetes, and reduced kidney function that kept them from working at their best and limited their life. They were taking pain, diabetes, and anti-depressant medications to control these symptoms. Long story short, we analyzed them and found they had Neuro-Structural shifts and put together a care plan to correct those shifts. After only 16 weeks of care, this person remarked that they no longer experienced weekly headaches and didn’t even remember having one since they started getting care. Shortly after that, their lower back and leg became pain-free. What’s also amazing was they reduced their medications because

  • their kidney function normalized and
  • they were no longer diabetic!
    The chronic symptoms they were just living with are now gone! Now they have gone back to hiking, running, and playing with the grandkids! They got their life back!

Structural problems require a structural solution. More often than not, a person’s structure affects more than they think. It isn’t aging that is holding you back. Are Neuro-Structural Shifts stopping you from living your life? Let’s schedule an exam to determine if we can help you get back to doing what you love without chemical medications or permanent surgery.

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