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Shifts Happen… But How?

What Causes a Neuro-Structural Shift?

The short answer, STRESS!

A Neuro-Structural Shift or NS Shift occurs during stress. Stress comes in three different forms, Physical, Chemical, and Emotional. When these stressors are too much for your body, your spine and nervous system compensate by creating a NS Shift.

An example of Chemical stress is eating and drinking poorly. If we eat unbalanced low-quality food with toxic artificial chemicals, then our body becomes inflamed and weak. Our joints, ligaments, discs, and muscles become more vulnerable and injure easily.

An example of Emotional stress is when you have a bad day at work, get a flat tire on your way home, and have to change it in the rain. We often internalize this emotional stress and become angry, clenching our jaws, holding our breath, and squeezing our shoulders up to our ears. We physically process emotions, and when it’s too much, our spine and nervous system takes the brunt.

Physical stress comes from our daily movements, habits, lifestyle, and old injuries. Physical stress can come in the form of trauma such as a car accident. But it most commonly comes from a sedentary lifestyle where we don’t move enough, especially in our spine, and don’t exercise our bodies sufficiently. Examples include:

  • Working on a computer or office.
  • Not stretching and exercising.
  • Repetitive work.
  • Driving.
  • Old injuries.
  • Looking down at your cell phone.

We live with all these stresses daily. The goal is to eliminate the toxic parts and include more healthy components to help our body adapt better, reduce toxicity, and enhance sufficiency. Small changes can lead to significant impacts.

At Platinum Chiropractic, we can help by working with your body to release the immediate effects of stress. Neuro-structural adjustments break this vicious cycle and allow your body to restore to a more normal physiological state, known as homeostasis. We correct your spine with specific adjustments and help it get healthy from the inside out.

We also advocate eating well, thinking well, avoiding environmental toxins, and moving well through our newsletters and classes. Our goal is to help you become more healthy and overcome pain and dysfunction so that you can live your best life.

What can you do to change your day-to-day life to reduce these stresses?

  • Drinking pure or filtered water?
  • Adding in a morning meditation/ stretching?
  • Taking breaks every 30 min to stand up for a moment and move?

Let us know at your visit this week.

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