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“When I went in for the first time I couldn’t feel my right arm”

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Platinum Chiropractic is fantastic, I recommend it to anyone and everyone! When I went in for the first time I couldn’t feel my right arm. Both Dr. Karo and Kristen were so kind from the beginning. Kristen got me in on the same day and Dr. Karo calmly talked me through my panic. Within only a few visits I had complete feeling in my arm back, an explanation as to what was going on, a treatment plan, and exercises to do on my own.
After the arm issue was fixed, he went on to adjust and correct the bigger issues that were causing my pain. He understood my lifestyle and always helped me work within that. I went through two cycles of correction treatment and have never felt so good. Dr. Karo is very thorough and uses data to show progress and issues. Kristen is so warm and welcoming every time you walk in the door. Even during Covid, when most people were feeling down, she was always there to greet you with a genuine smile and interest in your day.
Platinum Chiropractic is great all around. I highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you Dr. Karo and Kristen for all your amazing help!

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