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Biology, Not Belief

Chiropractic is simply biology, more specifically anatomy and physiology. There is a certain way your body operates, and if you cooperate with how it works, you have the best chance to be Healthy.
Every disease has one thing in common: the body no longer functions normally. To be healthy, you have to make sure that your body is functioning at 100%. Your brain controls and coordinates the function of every cell, tissue, and organ in your entire body. When working correctly, the brain tells the cells how to heal, repair, and regenerate. You are only as healthy as your cells. For this to work correctly, your brain must be able to send and receive messages down your spinal cord to your organs through your nerves, and back to your brain. What would happen if we cut the nerve to your heart? Your heart would die immediately because it only does what your brain tells it to do. But what if we only pinch the nerve that goes to your heart? It wouldn’t die immediately, but every second that nerve supply is blocked, it’s building abnormal cells, sickness, disease, and ultimately your heart will die early. And remember you only feel 10% of your body so you might not even notice your heart is being impacted until it’s a serious problem. The outcome is always the same whether you cut the nerve or pinch the nerve to the heart. It is going to cause abnormal cells, sickness, and early death.

When you get a Neuro-Structural Shift in your spine and nervous system, it causes nerve interference to this vital system, leading to less function, many secondary conditions, and even disease. 

To be 100% healthy, you must function at 100% by having that nerve supply from your brain to the rest of the body without interference.

Our job at Platinum Chiropractic is to reduce your nerve interference to its minimal form, stop your spinal degeneration, restore maximum nerve supply back to your body, and give you back the function and health you have lost (Corrective Care Plan). Once your nerve function is restored, we then maintain it for as long as you want to keep it (Protection Care Plan).

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