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Are You Doing Daily Stretches?

This month we have been focusing on the importance of movement. Epigenetics (how your habits and environment impact your gene expression) states that movement is essential for healthy gene expression. Moreover, the only way your joints receive nutrients in and push waste out is through movement. So let’s keep it moving! Check out this video …

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Segmental Movement Dysfunction

Similar to Movement Deficiency Syndrome (MDS), which we talked about last week, we are living in an epidemic of Segmental Movement Dysfunction (SMD). SMD takes the same principles as MDS and relates them to the joints or segments of the body. Each and every one of your segments are designed to move throughout their full …

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Movement Deficiency Syndrome

Dr. James Chestnut, who we had the opportunity to see present this weekend, coined the term ‘Movement Deficiency Syndrome’ to identify the necessity of both physical activity and exercise on human physiology, function, and health. Physical activity and exercise are necessary components to keeping our bodies in working order, via supporting our genetic requirement for …

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Movement Deficiency Syndrome

Proactive with Probiotics

Our digestive tract (gut) — also called our 2nd brain — contains trillions of microbes. The good and bad bacteria living in your gut microbiota help your body carry out a multitude of essential physiological functions such as help digest food, extract nutrients from food, support immune system resilience, promote healthy metabolism and even influence …

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Sciatica, Lower Back Pain & Leg Pain

You or someone you know likely has or is currently experiencing one or more of these symptoms. But what is sciatica? And how can we help you heal?Sciatica refers to pain radiating along your sciatic nerve path, which branches from your lower back from the 1st through 5th Lumbar and Sacral level (L1-S1) and goes …

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Where Did the Magnesium Go?

Magnesium plays many significant and essential roles in your body. It is a mineral, ion, electrolyte and cofactor in over 300 enzyme reactions in your body, necessary for transmission of nerve impulses, formation of bone and teeth, cardiovascular health, muscle relaxation and much more. The list of conditions related to magnesium deficiency is long. There …

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Biology, Not Belief

Chiropractic is simply biology, more specifically anatomy and physiology. There is a certain way your body operates, and if you cooperate with how it works, you have the best chance to be Healthy. Every disease has one thing in common: the body no longer functions normally. To be healthy, you have to make sure that …

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Biology, Not Belief

Emotional Stress

As we have been talking about the last few weeks, Neuro-Structural shifts in your spine result from your body’s inability to adapt to stress. And those stressors come in three forms: Chemical, Physical, and Emotional. This week we are talking about Emotional Stress. You can check out the chart above for some examples of Emotional stressors, but I am …

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Emotional Stress

Physical Stress

When physical stresses are too much for our body to adapt to, the spine and nervous system get shifted. When people think of Physical Stress, they commonly think about sudden traumatic events, such as car accidents, falls, or surgery. And these are good examples. However, physical stressors most widely come from repetitive misuse and underuse, …

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Physical Stress