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Increase Your DNA Self-Repair

This past week, we had our final workshop of the year—the topic, Immune System Health. Thanks to everyone who came and made it a great event. We reviewed some great takeaways to strengthen your immune system, but one study in particular stood out. 

The study intended to assess chiropractic care’s effects on Serum Thiol levels in patients without symptoms. So what does that mean? 

Serum Thiols are a measure of human health status and indicate your body’s ability to self-repair your DNA. It is pretty important stuff because higher Serum Thiol levels correlate with longer life spans and a stronger ability to fight infections. 

The study found that study subjects with active disease or initial musculoskeletal complaints (back pain and neck pain) have the lowest Serum Thiol levels. The good news is that study subjects under consistent chiropractic care (Protection Care) from 52-312 weeks had the highest Serum Thiol levels. Even higher than those people who had no symptoms, they felt fine but did not receive chiropractic care.

DNA Self-Repair

In conclusion, patients under consistent chiropractic care have higher Serum Thiol levels, correlating to a stronger ability to fight infections and longer life spans. The study goes on to state that no other interventions have been shown to improve thiol values with this level of impact.

So, good news, everybody! By continuing under regular chiropractic care keeping your nervous system free from obstructions, you are taking one of the most impactful steps for strengthening your immune system. 😉 Now add in all the other tips we went over during the workshop, and your health will be in the best state to handle whatever life throws at you.

DNA Self-Repair

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