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Low Back Pain? It’s All in the Hips!

Low Back Pain? It’s All in the Hips!
Do you sit all day every day? If you’re like most people then you probably sit for an average of 11 hours per day… WOW!
Do you wonder why your back hurts? One of the causes can be improper tensioning in your hips. Hip flexors are muscles that cross our hips in the front, when these muscles contract, they bring our legs up to our torso, like when we are walking or sitting. There are two groups of hip flexors; the quadriceps located on the front of your thigh, and the iliopsoas, which attach to your spine from your leg. Sitting, as well as biking and running (just to name a few) tighten these muscles, reducing our ability to function normally.
In fact, hip flexors can become so tight that they limit our ability to stand upright and can cause low back pain. Often times the tightening of your hip flexors causes your hips and spine to shift, which creates Neuro-Structural issues that can lead to low back pain, sciatica, leg tingling or numbness, muscle weakness, and disc herniations.
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