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Sit All Day? Try A Standing Desk

Do you sit all day every day? Try A Standing Desk. If you’re like most people then you probably sit for an average of 11 hours per day… WOW! No wonder so many of us experience lower back pain, hip pain, leg pain, disc herniations, and many more health issues.

Since we sit while we eat, drive, at work, and at home, wouldn’t it make sense to minimize sitting where we can? Perhaps we can stand while we work? Many studies show that standing up while we work not only reduces stress on our spines but also enhances brain activity and improves productivity.  This is why more and more workplaces are investing in sit-stand desks for their employees.

In order to live a healthy lifestyle, it helps to take advantage of the tasks we can control and maximize the beneficial activities we do in our day to day lives. Having an adjustable standing desk is essential, just like regular chiropractic care, and taking your Omega 3’s. With a stand-up desk, you are more likely to keep good biomechanics while you do your work and less likely to stay in a poor position for an extended period of time, as happens with sitting. Plus, by working in a standing position you reduce the pressure on your spinal discs, improve your posture, and improve your nerve and blood circulation.

This is why I recommend AnthroDesk. This desk allows me to sit and stand with an easy to use adjustable gas spring design. It’s sleek and lightweight so I can move it from surface to surface and convert any workspace into an ergonomically friendly area.

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