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60-watts, or 100?

That depends on YOUR individualized needs. Everyone is different, so we use objective measures and offer individualized care plans based on your needs and health goals.

The purpose of a Neuro-Structural Chiropractic adjustment is to restore the normal biomechanical function of your spinal column and to clear any neurological interference. We do this to ensure that your brain and body have the best communication, balance, and ease and you are in a healing state. We call being in this healing state CLEAR. When you’re clear, your body has the best chance to heal, reorganize, and function at its optimum, whether you have symptoms or not!

A good analogy is to think of a light bulb. We are not attempting to make a 100-watt light bulb work at 150-watts. We are making sure it operates at its potential of 100-watts and not only scraping by at 60-watts.

Every NS adjustment allows us to experience a better expression of our life force or innate intelligence, which emanates from our brain through our body to every cell, tissue, and organ via our spine.

How long your spine can stay CLEAR and not shift and put pressure on your nerves depends on YOUR current condition and current STRESS level. When you first begin care in our office, we start with a thorough Neuro-Structural Chiropractic Examination to determine the extent of your Neuro-Structural shifts. Then we can correct your Neuro-structure to a normal range, where your body can better take care of itself. Think of it as putting braces on teeth to correct them.

But unlike braces, we can’t continuously adjust you all day long. Instead, we must work together to follow a frequency of NS adjustments to make progressive corrective changes. For example, three times a week for 16-24 weeks. Most people first require corrective care to get to a place structurally and neurologically where they can hold their adjustment for more than a few days.

According to research, we know that after two weeks of immobility in a joint, it begins to degenerate and shows evidence of arthritis on X-ray. Most people have lived in this state every day without relief for months, years, and even decades. And that degeneration, which could have been stopped before it started, continues to accelerate as we age. By the time we FEEL it, 40% of our nerve is already compressed.

Our focus here at Platinum is to stop this degeneration and restore your spine to its 100-watt potential.

So back to our question, How often? Below are the different frequencies of care we offer to meet your needs based on your examination results and health goals.

Frequency of care:
  • Corrective care: minimum of 3-5/week 
    • Your best chance to get and stay clear and correct previous damage.
  • Supportive care: 2/week
    • Once you can hold a NS adjustment for 2-3 days. 
    • This frequency continues to correct previous damage for the long term and help you stay clear.
  • Protective care: 1/week
    • Once you can hold a NS adjustment for one week. 
    • Getting checked and adjusted one time per week has been shown to protect your structure and nervous system from new damage, degeneration, and stress. 
    • This enables us to help protect your spine in its optimal state so that your body can stay clear and in a healing state throughout your life. 
  • Minimum protection: 2/month 
    • According to X-ray research, this is the maximum amount of time your body can handle a Neuro-Structural Shift before degeneration begins. 
    • Waiting any longer than two weeks to get adjusted risks long-term nerve damage and the development of degeneration and arthritis.

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