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An Ounce of Prevention

Many people find the end of the year to be an extra stressful time. Some of the additional forms of stress people experience include:

  • holiday foods, alcohol, sugar and cookies 😉
  • extra social engagements,
  • year end work/school pressure,
  • family pressure,
  • cold weather, and
  • travel.

We already know that stress in any form is what leads to Neuro-Structural shifts. So as we look forward, do you think it makes sense to be PROACTIVE and plan ahead for additional support to help you handle all that life throws at you, or be REACTIVE once you are already feeling underwater, stressed, injured, or in pain?

Did you say Proactive? We think so too. 

Some ways to plan ahead are to:

  • pick and choose your social engagements
  • add in an additional round of your corrective stretching each day
  • meditate
  • pick what healthy meals you are going to stick with, and what meals you are going to splurge on
  • plan for an extra hour of sleep
  • schedule additional adjustment visits at Platinum Chiropractic to make sure we keep you from shifting, and help your body STAY OUT OF Fight or Flight/ stress physiology. 
  • If you are traveling, reschedule any visits you will miss for before you leave, not after. You need your nervous system to be in the best shape possible so your healing momentum can continue while you are away. 

Keep in mind, we will be closed from December 22 and re-open on Dec 29. As they say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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