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Injury Prevention Seminar

Fuel Challenge Wrap Up at Crossfit Dr. karo giving lecture

Dr. Karo held an Injury Prevention Seminar this past Saturday for the coaches of NorCal Crossfit in San Jose California. This goal of this 1.5 hour seminar is to educate coaches and trainers on how to better serve their clients, and looks at working out as a long term initiative for health. Dr. Karo covers the most common injuries seen, how to prevent them, and provides solutions for those already injured. Learn how to make sure your clients are able to continue training with you for the long term. 

““I had an opportunity to attend Dr. Karo’s Injury Prevention seminar last week and I was very impressed. Dr. Karo communicated the technical nature of the lecture in a way that was fun and easy to understand. I’ll be able to take what I learned and put it into action immediately. As a NorCal CrossFit coach it is very important that we are keeping our clients moving well and injury free. Learning from Dr. Karo has helped us do this at a very high level.””

— – Brad Haines, Coach, NorCal

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