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Immune System Health Month Tip #3

We are sure you have heard it before, but it is so important it bears repeating.

Having the proper levels of Vitamin D is ESSENTIAL to having a Strong Immune System. It acts like a hormone and enables our immune system to have resources and fast-acting soldiers that protect our bodies from infection. When our levels are low, our body has less ability to fight off any disease, including colds, flu, cancer, and other illnesses. And the majority of us, about 80%, are deficient. On top of that, most supplements do not provide nearly enough.

It is so essential that a common correlation among people who fall ill from colds and flu viruses is that their vitamin D levels are low. These low levels usually occur during the fall and winter months because the sun is no longer at the right angle, and people tend to stay inside more. Low levels are also typical for people who work in office buildings since they tend to miss the sunshine.

Fortunately, those of us here in sunny San Jose can synthesize vitamin D from the sun this time of year. So get outside during the day and expose your skin for at least 10 minutes.

Also, make sure you’re taking a high-quality supplement to enhance your vitamin D levels.

A simple blood test can determine your Vitamin D level. Anything below 50 is too low. Most people are in their 20s to 30s when they get checked.

Curious about what impacts your body’s ability to synthesize Vitamin D from the sun and if you are likely deficient? Check out our article from last spring that outlines whether or not you might still need to supplement and by how much.

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