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Chiropractic & the Energy of a Lily

Chiropractic & the Energy of a Lily

How does chiropractic work? 
Here is a good analogy for how a subluxation (misalignment) in the spine interferes with the nerve system of the body and reduces its ability to grow and function. 
Just like a subluxation, there is dysfunction/damage in the stalk preventing the plant from sending clear signals and information to the bud. Therefore the bud of the lily is not opening and not thriving to its full potential, despite its best efforts. 
The nerve pathways that come out of your spine travel all over your body. Similarly to the lily bud, when there is a subluxation in the spine, the brain and body can not clearly send information back and forth because the neural pathways are restricted. If they can not communicate clearly, then your body is less efficient at healing you, although it will keep trying its best.
Unlike humans and other vertebrates, plants don’t have spines. We can’t fix this lily bud. But we can correct your subluxation to allow your brain and body to communicate clearly.

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