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The Power of the Mind

The Power of the Mind

The Power of the Mind? A paradigm is the way we view the world. It’s the lens we each look through and consists of belief systems that help us make decisions for ourselves and others. For example, if you believe you always get sick in the wintertime due to the cold weather, when winter rolls around and you start expressing symptoms, your beliefs are reinforced. What if you want that to change? What if living the way you have in the past isn’t producing the results you like? What if changing your life requires a change in your beliefs? Before we can change ourselves, we first have to change our paradigm. We have to open our minds to new possibilities. We have to challenge old paradigms.  

In chiropractic the paradigm is simple; people are born out of love, made to be healthy, and our bodies are constantly striving to express love and health throughout our lifetime. So, you have to ask yourself, what are my beliefs? Do I believe in love and health? Or, am I afraid of the world and believe in chance? That our bodies are inherently weak? Or it’s in your genes to be sick?

These important questions will dictate the decisions you make for you and your family’s healthand well-being. They can be proactive out of love, or reactive out of fear. You can choose to believe that your body is intelligent, self-healing, and self-organizing when allowed to express itself properly, or you can be constantly scared that you might “catch” something or develop some kind of illness. Your thoughts are energy, they either help you or stop you in your tracks.

Where did your paradigm come from? Your parents? The media? How do you view the world? Just because the paradigm you’ve adopted is popular does not make it normal. In fact the most popular view on health is probably wrong. Does taking medicine make you healthy? What if you took even more medicine, would that make you even healthier? Question your paradigms.    

Who do you want to be? Well, that depends on where you are and where you’re willing to go. It’s said that it takes an instant to make a decision, but then you have to reinforce it with a change of your behaviors, your actions, your words, and your thoughts. You literally have to change as a person; you have to become someone new. This all starts with challenging and changing your paradigm.

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