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Stress & Your Health Event

Health Challenge Day 14: Meditate for 15 min Poster

Next Tuesday night at 7 pm, our very own Dr. Karo and special guest Jill Brittner of One World Meditation will be discussing the 3 factors that cause our health to diminish. 

Health is a normal state in the body. When people “get” sick, they are actually in a reduced health state. It is not until they restore their normal health, that they feel and function better.

Come find out what these 3 factors are and how to address their causes and effects.


  • Samples from Living Cultures Super Foods (delicious, healthy, probiotic filled)
  • Homemade Indian Food courtesy of Vandana (scrumptious!!)

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Family, Friends, Kids all welcome. This is going to be a fun community event.  Direct questions to Kristen at

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