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Exercise & Your Immune System


Ready for Tip # 5?

Exercise/Movement! We hear it all of the time right? Exercise to stay healthy. But what is it that is so important about exercise and movement?

Movement is genetically essential for our DNA. That means how you move or don’t move is very important to your health. We need healthy signals from our body to our DNA. By moving our body through stretching and exercising, our Nervous System signals our DNA to make new cells in response to those movements.

We can literally grow a new and healthier body by practicing movements and exercises. 


Our DNA craves full ranges of movement at the cellular level. On top of that, moving our body squeezes muscles, which pumps blood and oxygen throughout our body, to every cell. 

And our exercise or movement can be as simple as a 10 min walk after dinner or some yoga while we are watching TV.

Another lesser-known benefit to exercise and movement is lymphatic drainage. Our lymph nodes store dead, damaged cells, viruses, and bacteria that have been destroyed and neutralized by the white blood cells of our Immune System. There are only two ways our lymph nodes move out waste from the body and that’s through water intake and by, yep, you guessed it, body MOVEMENT.

Not only are we stretching muscles and lubricating joints to stay limber, we are helping the body get rid of waste and priming our DNA for healthy cell regeneration. 

Cleaning out that waste helps your body fight off any new infections without being “backed up.” A key to any clean and healthy neighborhood is the garbage maintenance. 

One of the beautiful things about chiropractic care is how it works to improve the  movement of your body’s joints that have lost their ability to move properly. The Neuro-Structructural Chiropractic adjustments allow your joints to restore their proper signaling to your DNA, helping you get rid of your pain and enabling you to move, exercise, and get back to doing what you love.


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