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Feed Your Immune System

Feed Your Immune System

Tip #6: You Are What You Eat

We couldn’t talk about supporting our immune systems without talking about Nutrition. What we put into our bodies impacts how our bodies function and defend us from infections or illnesses. 

When we talk about nutrition, we are talking about the process of ingestion, digestion, absorption, and utilization of substances that deliver purity and sufficiency in order to create healthy cells. 

What we eat can either help us be well and healthy or it can be inflammatory, brake us down, and decrease our health.

In order to be healthy, we need to eat as closely as we can to our innate genetic requirements. Our genes have not changed in the last 10,000 years, but our diets have. The closer we eat to our genetic requirements the healthier our diets will be for sustaining health and wellness.  

The key questions regarding wellness nutrition are:

  • What are the nutritional requirements for cell health?
  • What is nutritionally toxic in terms of cell health?
  • Are deficiencies and toxicities common?
  • What dietary choices are necessary to create sufficiency?
  • What dietary choices are necessary to create purity?

Nutrition is a much broader topic than we could cover in just one newsletter. This is why we offer the Platinum Nutrition Program, where you can learn how to eat in a way that works best for you, your health, and your nutrition goals.

Over the last 9 years in practice, we have refined and restructured the program with an emphasis on education, so you can learn what works for you and maintain these healthy habits long after the 21 days are over. 

While focusing on a diet full of high-density foods, the program also comes with supplements to help promote and support your body’s organs and fill in the nutritional gaps we just aren’t getting from food. 

If you are wanting more support to stay on top of your nutrition, strengthen your immune system, lose the corona-19lbs (LOL), clean the fire smoke out of your system, be more active, or just wishing you had more energy to get you through the day, then this program is for you. 

Click here to learn more!

We will kickoff our 21 days on September 20.

The last day to sign up is Wednesday Sept 15!


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