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What Controls Your Health?

Check out this video from Dr. Karo for the answer
  • Every part of your body (cells, tissues, and organs) is controlled by your nervous system, which is your brain and spinal cord.
  • Your brain is housed and protected by your skull and your spinal cord is protected by 24 moveable vertebrae.
  • In between each vertebrae, nerves come out and run to every part of your body, sending health information to your cells, tissues, and organs and back to your brain.
    When your spine is aligned and moving correctly, your nervous system has the best chance to send and receive messages, regulate and heal itself.
  • But life happens and sometimes our spines must compensate to the stress with Neuro-Structural shifts.
  • When you have a Neuro-Structural Shift, your brain to body nerve signals weaken and secondary conditions (symptoms) may develop.
    • Some can be felt, but most are not.
  • We only feel or consciously control 10% of what is going on in our bodies. The other 90% happens without our noticing.
  • That is why we use objective measures to identify the underlying cause of your secondary condition (symptoms).
    • Structural Analysis, Muscle and Nerve Testing, X-rays, and Functional movements.
  •  That is way we can help resolve your specific underlying cause giving your body its best ability to heal from your secondary conditions (symptoms).
  • Once your secondary conditions are resolved, our goal is to keep those issues from coming back by regularly checking your nervous system and ensuring there are no Neuro-Structural Shifts in the connection between your brain and spinal cord.
  • A healthy nervous system can communicate and function efficiently so you are able to stay well, maintain a healthy immune system, regulate your stress and have a higher quality of life.
    • i.e. less pain, sickness, and disease

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