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Movement Deficiency Syndrome

Dr. James Chestnut, who we had the opportunity to see present this weekend, coined the term ‘Movement Deficiency Syndrome’ to identify the necessity of both physical activity and exercise on human physiology, function, and health. Physical activity and exercise are necessary components to keeping our bodies in working order, via supporting our genetic requirement for sufficient and pure movement. Our genes literally require movement to express healthy adaptation from our environment, Epigenetics 101. Unfortunately, according to a 2001 study, “approximately 70% of adults in the United States do not undertake the recommended 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, five or more times per week, which includes those 24% of Americans who have no physical activity.” And this happens to only be the minimum amount that is required to avoid a chronic disease! (Brozinick et al., Molecular Cell 7: 1085-1094, 2001)

We have a big job to do by teaching everyone we can about the exceptional benefits of physical movement and exercise. It could literally save someone’s life, is accessible, and all you just have to do is mimic our ancestral hunter-gatherer patterns. Daily physical activity is an integral part of our genetic makeup. What we’ve found works best, is a rhythm of days of high-intensity exercise, reminiscent of hunting, alternated with days of rest and light activity. Keep in mind, this exercise didn’t include basic physical activities of building and moving camp, cooking, cleaning, butchering, carrying water, and other requirements for survival also done on a daily basis. Many modern diseases, not including Osteoarthritis, did not exist when we lived as a society according to hunter-gatherer patterns in the pre-agricultural age, about 10,000 years ago. Our genes have changed very little from that time period to now, however, our day to day activity level has. As humans, we require more exercise and movement to stay healthy. (Booth et al. J Appl Physiol 93: 3-30, 2002)

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t living in a society that innately supports lifestyles required for daily survival, i.e. walking to get water. The positive side of living in this day and age is we now have a clearer understanding of what is necessary to stay healthy.

Daily Requirements:

Mobility: Moving our joints in all available ranges of motion as done during practices of stretching and Yoga.
Cardiorespiratory: Elevation of your heart rate through movement and exercise for an absolute minimum of 30 min.

3-5 Times Per Week Requirements:

Muscle Loading: Using our muscles to complete tasks such as carrying, climbing, and hunting. If you do not hunt or climb daily, this requirement can be fulfilled through bodyweight movements or external objects such as weights.
High-Intensity Activity: Performing intervals of burst exercises such as a 1-3 repetition maximum weight lift, intervals of 100-meter sprints, or about 12 seconds of maximal exertion. Additionally, we must perform a sub-maximal exertion for a moderate duration, such as intervals of 200-400 meter sprints.

At Platinum Chiropractic our goal is to provide each of our practice members with the best in Neuro-Structural care as well as the latest in health science information. When we improve the alignment and motion of the spine, we are adjusting your body and allowing it to regain its genetic requirement for movement and exercise. This is why moving well is one of our principles of health.

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