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Sciatica, Lower Back Pain & Leg Pain

Sciatica Lower Back Pain & Leg Pain
You or someone you know likely has or is currently experiencing one or more of these symptoms. But what is sciatica? And how can we help you heal?
Sciatica refers to pain radiating along your sciatic nerve path, which branches from your lower back from the 1st through 5th Lumbar and Sacral level (L1-S1) and goes through your hips, buttocks and down each leg.

Irritation to this nerve bundle anywhere along the pathway may cause lower back pain, leg pain, muscle weakness, or foot drop, to name a few secondary conditions (symptoms). Because of the wide variety of potential secondary conditions, sciatica is a very loose diagnosis with no effective long-term treatment under standard medical care.

We approach this problem at Platinum Chiropractic from the roots. A key part of our first examination focuses on the lower spinal vertebrae, since these nerves originate from your lumbar spine. We identify Neuro-Structural shifts that could irritate the nerves running down your leg. 

When the nerves are irritated, sciatica, lower back pain, and leg pain may be what you feel. However, the nerves in your Lumbo-Sacral spine govern many other areas of your health as well. If you are struggling with sciatica or low back pain, your health may also be suffering in ways you are unable to feel. Take a look at the chart below going over other areas of the nerves coming out of L1-S1 vertebrae:
Sciatica Lower Back Pain & Leg Pain

Usually, when we are able to correct the problem at the cause, the secondary conditions such as leg pain, cramps, foot drop, etc., tend to go away on their own. We also include specific exercises to address any imbalances and help strengthen after we’ve corrected the problem. This is why we get such great results with our patients with sciatica or back pain in general. 

Is anyone you know struggling with these secondary conditions? Let them know we offer Consultations free of charge to speak with Dr. Karo about how we can help.

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