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New Year Check-In

How is everyone feeling after the holidays? Stiff? Achy? Inflamed? 

“But all I did over the holiday was relax…”

This is something we hear over and over this time of year. And it reminds us that Neuro-Structural Shifts are caused by stress on the body that comes in three forms:

While your usual stressors may have been less over the last week, your holiday stress may have been worse.

  • What have you been eating or drinking?
  • Did you have emotional stress from being around family?
  • How have you been spending your time? Sitting on the couch more?
  • Driving or flying to visit family? Sleeping in a guest bed?

As we talked about in our newsletter a few weeks ago, all of these stressors contribute to causing Neuro-Structural Shifts.

Remember, your spine is a reflection of your life. By the time we “FEEL” something, that means our nerves have been up to 40% compressed. So what are some healthy actions you can take to limit stress? How about:

  • Participating in our Platinum Nutrition Program starting January 16th to reset and clean up your nutrition
  • Stretching more throughout the day
  • Going for walks to clear your mind and reduce mental stress
  • Staying consistent with your Neuro-Structural Chiropractic Adjustments

We wish you all a Happy New Year and look forward to continuing to share our natural, drug-free health solutions with you and the people you love.

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