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Coming Up This Fall

As discussed earlier this month, proper diet is a significant factor in maintaining a healthy immune system alongside many other health benefits. Given how important it is to provide your  body with the right foods, be sure to join our fall Platinum Nutrition Program! This week is the last week to join the group nutrition program; the deadline to join is Friday, September 16th

Our 21-day nutrition program (Sept 26 – Oct 16) is carefully designed to nourish your body with recipes and grocery lists for specific nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables and supplements before slowly reintroducing lean meats. This way, you are able to gauge which foods work best for your body, as we are often unaware of how certain foods are affecting us positively or negatively. One of the most eye-opening benefits of the program is gaining clarity around which foods you should be eating while having the support of a group in which you can share new recipes, ask questions and discuss experiences.

How should you know if you should join? Do you:

Talk to Kristen at the front desk if you’d like to join or email

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